UPM offers more than 400 fields of postgraduate study in its effort to transform Malaysia into a higher education hub of excellence at the regional and international level. UPM constantly strives to produce well-balanced students from the academic and ethical aspects. UPM currently has the highest percentage of academicians with PhD in Malaysia. It also provides a conducive environment and invaluable learning experience to its students from more than 60 countries. 

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) gives priority to the students’ essentials and their well-being especially among current students who are studying in UPM. Hence, UPM ensures that it provides an array of technology equipment and facilities in order to guarantee that the students’ welfare is well taken care of.

In line with that, various programs and non-academic related activities are carried out so as to provide a conducive environment where students can appreciate quality leisure times and subsequently creating balance between academic achievement, soft skills and sustainable living.

For those who are interested to know the details of the UPM Alumni Association, please visit the Official Website of the Alumni Center and the Alumni Association at any time.


As the demand for halal certification  is increasing in the industry  worldwide, the processing lines of halal products right up to packaging, handling, storage, transportation   and distribution    must   comply   with   the   halal   requirements.

ALCOHOL – HALAL OR HARAM? What is alcohol and khamar ?
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A letter of intent between UPM and Steinbeis Malaysia Foundation
3 August 2017 :A letter of intent between UPM and Steinbeis Malaysia Foundation was signed today at Halal Products Research Institute, UPM. The collaboration between UPM and Steinbeis Malaysia among others will help to develop the quality of halal products as well as to expand the halal cosmetics market to the United Kingdom. UPM will also help Steinbeis Malaysia Foundation to improve the quality and development of halal cosmetics products by providing halal analysis services.

Please be informed that the UPM Information and Communications Development Center (iDEC) will implement the UPMNet Network Access Control System. This system has been implemented and used for all WiFi networks at UPM colleges.

Any UPM citizen who wants to access the Internet, need to go through the verification process using UPM-ID.

In this regard, the IDEC has expanded its implementation location through UPM through phased implementation beginning July 19th and the Institute of Biosciences has been listed for implementation on October 25, 2017.

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Sukacita dimaklumkan, Portal Putra UPM kini boleh digunakan untuk mengakses pelbagai sistem aplikasi melalui satu antara muka.

Portal Putra UPM (http://portal.upm.edu.my) merupakan inisiatif Pusat Pembangunan Maklumat dan Komunikasi (iDEC) UPM bagi menyediakan kemudahan capaian atau ‘access gateway’ ke sistem aplikasi Universiti dengan menerapkan teknologi pengesahan (authentication) UPM-ID Single Sign-On (SSO).

Dengan adanya Putra Portal UPM, konsep “Single Sign-On (SSO)” diamalkan, dimana capaian kepada pelbagai sistem aplikasi dapat dibuat dengan menggunakan single ID (UPM-ID) dan paparan juga mesra peranti mudah alih.

Untuk makluman semua, sebanyak 21 sistem aplikasi telah menggunapakai konsep SSO, yang boleh dicapai melalui Portal Putra UPM (http://portal.upm.edu.my). 

Sebanyak 32 sistem aplikasi lain yang masih belum menggunapakai konsep SSO boleh juga dicapai pantas melalui ikon "NON SSO" pada Portal Putra UPM (http://portal.upm.edu.my). 

Untuk sebarang maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi Helpdesk iDEC (03 8947 1990) atau email idec_helpdesk@upm.edu.my 

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